Treasury as a Service



M-DAQ supplies a professional Treasury team which uses the latest technology and has access to liquidity and payment systems to cover all the client’s requirements. Should the client have branches or subsidiaries, all the FX and Payments needs can be centralised by the TaaS team and taken care of in a coordinated and transparent manner.

TaaS acts on behalf of and in the best interests of the outsourcing company, in a segregated and confidential manner and with full data privacy to the rest of its business and clients, at a competitive cost. Regular reporting is provided and compliance to the local regulations of the HQ of the company and any additional locations is adhered to.

A full review of the client’s business will take place as a first step, and a detailed approach will be presented for the approval of the client’s management team, with several options around the appropriate risk level that the company is willing to take.


Insufficient expertise

Some companies do not have the knowledge and expertise to set up a professional treasury function to manage their cash flow, payment and FX needs in an optimal manner.

High operational cost

Cost of setting up and running a professional treasury function may be too prohibitive.


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FX Risk Management


  • M-DAQ Treasury team works for and acts on behalf of clients
  • Adaptation of the service to the client’s specific needs, risk appetite and profile
  • Application of various FX hedging instruments as per regulatory environment and risk profile

Data Privacy


  • All of the client’s info is strictly segregated from M-DAQ and other client info. It is safeguarded and accessed on need only basis

Operational Aspects


  • M-DAQ Treasury team mandated to operate the client’s accounts
  • Pricing without spreads between the client and M-DAQ
  • Fee based approach
  • Flexibility in PL fluctuation approach
  • Possibility of using the client’s existing banks or a Prime Brokerage model

Reporting & Reconciliation


  • Activity reports to suit the client’s financial reporting needs

All proposals or indicative processes seen herein would be subject to necessary regulatory clearance prior to launch.