About Us

Innovation is what drives us. We are passionate in utilising data technology to revolutionise cross-border transactions and create a World without Currency Borders™.

Our Story

M-DAQ is a Singapore-headquartered financial technology company that empowers businesses and individuals in cross-border transactions by harnessing data to provide foreign exchange clarity and certainty.

Founded in 2010 with the belief that resources may be limited but aspirations are not, M-DAQ’s vision is to create a World without Currency Borders™ for all to participate and thrive in the global economy.

We serve global e-commerce marketplaces, securities exchanges, financial technology companies, and corporates across 45 markets. M-DAQ Group processes S$14bn cross-border transactions annually and turned net profitable in 2018 for its core Aladdin+ business. We have offices across Singapore, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and the United Kingdom, and we are backed by international institutions such as Affinity Equity Partners, Ant Group, EDBI, NTT Communications, and Samsung.

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Our Vision

To Create a World without Currency Borders™


Our Mission

Delivering a Seamless Cross-border Transaction Experience for Our Clients with Clarity and Certainty

Our Diverse Team

M-DAQ recognises that our people are our strongest asset. We take pride in innovation and cross-collaboration. We champion creativity and personal development. M-DAQ is diverse and stronger for it. We ensure a safe space for making mistakes and learning from them. We pursue excellence, but not at the expense of our people. M-DAQers are highly driven, always striving to grow and improve. We’re fun, warm and inviting. We look out for one another. M-DAQers have bright minds and big hearts. At M-DAQ, we are one big family.

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Our journey so far

Our story began in 2001 when our Founder and Group CEO, Richard Koh, had the idea of displaying US stocks in SGD. He pursued this vision single-mindedly and in 2010, M-DAQ was born. This is our history, but it’s far from finished. We are constantly writing new chapters as our journey continues. Watch this space.

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