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Making foreign investment in Singapore got easier and more attractive

November 28, 2022
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M-DAQ and SGX Securities now enable investors to view securities prices in their home currencies through the SGX website

Singapore – 28 November 2022

Cross-border securities trading and investing carry not just asset price movement risks but also FX conversion risks. A sound investment result can end up at a loss, when translated to the home currency of the investor.

SGX Securities and M-DAQ have collaborated to implement a web-based market data solution which allows Investors to accurately translate the intended investment in their own home currency by combining FX and the native price of the asset.

The SGX SGD listed stocks currency equivalent prices that will be available in the first release will be USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, KRW, AUD, CNY, HKD, THB, MYR, NZD. Both the underlying securities prices and the FX conversions to different currencies will update on a close-to real-time basis.

The service is planned to be enriched with additional currencies that SGX Securities Trading Members and their Brokers require, which will, in the near future be followed with execution capabilities implemented through investor Brokers order management solutions. It will be implemented with no disruption to the traditional workflow so as to minimise any costs of participation for all participants

“The partnership with SGX Securities is of paramount importance to M-DAQ and to the Singapore financial ecosystem as it provides the initial steps towards a future combined execution. Together in partnership, two homegrown Singaporean companies come together to lead financial markets innovation.” says Richard Koh, Founder and Group CEO of M-DAQ.

Global Investors can now look forward to a future paradigm shift in Securities Trading with increased transparency and market participations!

View the blended securities pricing* for SGX listed stocks here.

Making foreign investment in Singapore got easier and more attractive

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