With Wallex part of M-DAQ Global, our Payments solutions now extend beyond large enterprises and ecosystems to SMEs and fintechs in the region. With our combined capabilities and network, we can provide a seamless and cost-effective international payments journey for our users. Through FX and payments, and with a focus on the ASEAN region, we are moving towards our vision of achieving a World Without Currency Borders™.

Built on top of M-DAQ’s COMPLAX™ technology, our Payments solution provides a single touch point while standardising integration processing for all your business needs. Our solution supports more than 40 currencies and encompasses a holistic pricing framework, enabling businesses to streamline costs with complete transparency of rates, coupled with fast cross-border payments over 180 countries.

Using Wallex’s robust online platform, businesses of all sizes can pay, receive, convert, hold up to 46 international currencies. With a Wallex global account, businesses stretch their dollars further with access to fast and seamless international transactions, competitive exchange rates and fees, virtual accounts, multicurrency e-wallets and more.

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Difficult to collect and repatriate foreign currencies

Businesses that have overseas exposure face difficulties making and receiving payments in many different currencies.

Cross border payments is expensive

Telegraphic transfer (TT) to facilitate cross-border payment incurs expensive charges in addition to unfavourable FX rates.

Lack of access to value-added services

Many value-added services are tailored for large enterprises and not offered to SMEs.


The best way to manage global payment for your business.

Pay supplier or staff globally


Make payment to business partners in 180 countries in any of our supported 46 currencies with bank-beating exchange rates.

Manage 13 currencies in a single account


Hold and manage balances in multiple currencies without any hidden charges or minimum balance requirements. Convert between currencies at mid-market rates and transparent fees.

Designed for your convenience


We are designed for business and their convenience. Access unique features like multi-level approvals and bulk payments to enhance productivity, automation and governance of your business processes.

Convert FX at competitive rates in 180+ countries


Buy foreign exchange at near mid-market rates that are customised for your business. Be it prime currencies, exotic currencies or Asian currencies, we’ve got you covered.

Get paid in international markets


Designed to streamline and simplify how you get paid by international customers, global collection accounts enable you to get paid in USD, EUR, GBP and 31 other currencies as if it were local payment.

Your funds are safe


M-DAQ Global is licensed and regulated in Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong. All customer funds are safeguarded and kept in a customer segregated account to deliver safety of your funds in our custody.