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“Creators of a new sustainable ecosystem for securities exchanges and financial intermediaries to enable multi-currency trading on a cross-border basis via the Disruptive Innovation of M-DAQ

Securities Exchanges

Price exchange-traded products in a multitude of choice currencies by blending ‘executable’ FX rates intoequities and futures products.

Financial Intermediaries

Increase market share with more participation from foreign investors resulting in a sustainable increase in brokerage fees revenue.

Investing Communities

Investors can trade and settle exchange-traded products in their preferred currency of choice, with live pricing streamed via top 10 FX liquidity providers.


12 Dec 2013


M-DAQ reduces forex risk in foreign shares…

Source: Straits Times
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9 Nov 2013


M-DAQ raises $7.25 MM more in funding…

Source: Straits Times
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7 Nov 2013


M-DAQ completes S$21.75 MM Series B investment…

Source: Press Release
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22 Oct 2013


M-DAQ secures S$14.5 MM Series B investment…

Source: Press Release
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2 Jan 2012


Trading the Right Curve® for cross-border securities…

Source: e-FOREX Magazine
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1 Nov 2011


Electronic trading forces competition onto exchanges…

Source: The ASSET.com
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Trading the Right Curve®

Enabling Multi-Currency for Exchange-Traded Products