2nd Place Winner (Inaugural MAS FinTech Awards)


“The top 10 solution winners were selected from 40 finalist and in turn from 200 international entries”

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World without Currency Borders


Disruptive Innovation of M-DAQ: Dynamic multi-currency conversions for any cross border transaction bringing you pricing certainty, transparency and savings”

Global Markets

Price exchange-traded products in a multitude of choice currencies by blending ‘executable’ FX rates into equities and futures products

eCommerce, Supply Chain

Easy and risk-free for merchants, suppliers and eCommerce portals to offer local currency prices to their online global customers

FX Benchmark

Patented VWAP-Stacked algorithm and effective supply side pricing on “no last look” eliminates price discrimination and rates manipulation


12 Dec 2013

M-DAQ reduces forex risk in foreign shares…
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9 Nov 2013

M-DAQ raises $7.25 MM more in funding…
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7 Nov 2013

M-DAQ completes S$21.75 MM Series B investment…
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22 Oct 2013

M-DAQ secures S$14.5 MM Series B investment…
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2 Jan 2012

Trading the Right Curve® for cross-border securities…
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1 Nov 2011

Electronic trading forces competition onto exchanges…
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Trading the Right Curve®

Enabling Multi-Currency for Exchange-Traded Products