Senior eCommerce Developer


A master coder who can plan and visualize full-stack solutions for clients.


  • Automate operational processes
  • Develop in-house web GUI
  • Gather requirements from business users


  • Good Core Java Knowledge – Threading, GC, Deployment, Troubleshooting, Maven
  • Working Web Knowledge – Javascript (Functional Programming), HTML5, CSS3
  • Working SQL Knowledge – JDBC, ANSI-SQL
  • Working Infra Knowledge – Networking, Linux
  • Well-versed and practitioner of Unit and Component Testing
  • Working Knowledge in browser rich-client framework like Reactjs / Angularjs – (Bonus)
  • Working Knowledge in Mobile Development for IOS / Android – (Bonus)
  • Working Knowledge in FIX Protocol (Preferably in FX) – (Bonus)



  • Willing to mentor teammates
  • A trendsetter who will thinks of ways to improve current system
  • Willing to spend significant amount of time understanding the business in parallel with IT knowledge

Please send your CV in confidence to