Vision, Mission & Strategic Focus

Our Vision:

To create a World without Currency Borders.

Our Mission:

To break down technological and psychological barriers to enable cross-border trading of physical and financial assets.

Three Strategic Areas of Focus

M-DAQ provides Over The Top (OTT) FX applications to securities exchanges, e-commerce platforms/payment gateways and companies ranging from multinationals to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs)

Trading the Right Curve

A game-changing platform that prices and trades exchange-traded products in a multitude of choice currencies by blending ‘executable’ FX rates into equities and futures products.

Buy with Certainty

Fully scalable and integrated point-of-sale FX solution. The solution provides e-commerce platforms and other multinationals the ability to offer multi-currency payment options to customers while allowing merchants to receive only their desired currency(ies) through a fixed rate FX conversion service.

Wallets without Borders

Providing inter-connectivity and FX conversion capabilities to third party eWallets.

Our Believers


What we are NOT:
  • Not a competitor to FX banks, but their credit inter mediation and distribution partner.
  • Not a remittance company for individuals, but a cross border FX and payments company for corporates.
  • Not another eWallet, but the interoperable layer between eWallets, handling FX and bulk payments.
  • We are not a typical RFQ multi-dealer platform, but a VWAP-based information leakage-proof streaming API representing 80% of global FX liquidity.
  • We are not a pure market data service provider, but a multi provider neutral price source based on actual real-time aggregated order book of FX Banks.
Singapore Remittance License Holder

In addition to M-DAQ’s FX expertise, M-DAQ provides payment solutions through its remittance arm, M-DAQ Cashport Pte. Ltd., which has been licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as a remittance licence holder since April 2017.