Powered by our multibank FX aggregation with proprietary pricing compression technology and remittance license by MAS.

The complete solution for Global Collections and Payments

Hulkpay facilitates cross-border collections and payments by providing faster, more cost-effective B2B transactions. Businesses can send and receive payments while managing FX exposure all at the same time. With Hulkpay, you can expect shorter transaction times, lower processing fees and unparalleled FX rates that will reduce costs and advance your business reputation.

AtoM Network

M-DAQ’s AtoM Network is a global network that spans across more than a hundred countries, with a particular focus within the ASEAN region. M-DAQ is able to perform collections and payments from countries within the AtoM Network.


Meeting your Business Needs

B2B Payments

Make cross-border payments to suppliers and distributors regardless of location.

Fuss-free Client Onboarding


Welcome new clients into your business with our seamless onboarding process.

Business Support


Introduce new business lines without the hassle of establishing multiple banking relationships.

Account Reconciliation


Effortlessly manage your cross-border business with simple reconciliation of multi-currency accounts.

Multi Currency Management


Enjoy full control over your multi-currency account, with tracking made simple through your balance report.

Process Customisation


Let M-DAQ customise and fully automate your payments framework to suit your business specifications.