Wallet without Borders



With the growth of digital e-wallet payments and tourism around the world, M-DAQ has developed a cross-border payment solution aimed at helping e-wallet operators enable their users to pay merchants in other countries seamlessly.



E-Wallet Operators

E-wallet operators face significant challenges in acquiring overseas acceptance points – the effort and cost required are high, regulations are complex and licenses are hard to obtain. E-wallet users can only use their e-wallets locally, which is a severe limitation of digital wallets today. FLIQ creates e-wallet interoperability so customers can pay overseas merchants using their local e-wallet seamlessly and securely.


High acquisition costs

Significant resources are required to acquire a new merchant – this includes setup, training and deployment – not easily scalable in the long run.

Regulatory barriers

Complex regulatory requirements surrounding cross-border payments and money transfer pose a major challenge for launching an overseas e-wallet operation.

Complex integration

Wallet integrations require major development work involving both front-end and back-end systems of each e-wallet operator, requiring many months to complete.

FLIQ realises the vision of breaking down technological and physical borders to create wallets without borders, enabling local e-wallets to be used to pay merchants in any other country when users travel overseas. It offers substantial benefits to e-wallet operators in the following ways:

> FLIQ eliminates the costs of acquiring merchants in another country and the costs associated with complying to government regulations, while creating new revenue streams

> Through FLIQ, e-wallet operators provide added convenience to their customers when travelling, even guaranteeing FX rates for refund purposes

> Merchants can accept payments from customers’ overseas e-wallets without worrying about initial setup and operational costs

> New use-cases such as cross-border loyalty & rewards, transit and lifestyle services can be added on seamlessly


Enlarge merchant base by leveraging overseas e-wallet operators on FLIQ

Overcome regulatory barriers to receive new revenue sources from overseas merchants
Attract more customers, increase usage and provide more use-cases
Integrate with other e-wallet operators faster and easier


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