A one-stop 24/7 FX risk management solution

M-DAQ guarantees static or dynamic lock-in FX rates to price foreign goods in local currencies, protecting merchants against FX risk. Additionally, a spread can be configured to create a new revenue stream that would otherwise be captured by other payment parties.

Increase Sales Conversion

Set your prices in every relevant local currency to increase sales conversion rate, providing convenience for your customers to secure the exact value of the goods at the point of purchase.

Seamless FX Execution

Link your eCommerce platform directly into Aladdin, enabling tight control of pricing and margin levels. All trades, regardless of transaction size are confirmed electronically and settlement is seamless, thereby simplifying your processing and reconciliation.

Guaranteed FX Rates

Set guaranteed FX rates in advance for any period between minutes or days, removing any transactional FX risk. The FX rates and period applied can be customised according to your business needs.

Example 1:

Online Customer | Online Retailer



Example 2:

Online Retailer | Wholesaler



Example 3:

Online Retailer | Online Wholesaler



Example 4:

Online Wholesaler | Supplier



Total Loss:

USD 17.88




Why Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP) Matters to eCommerce?

Aladdin makes it easier and risk-free for merchants to offer local prices to their online global customers, without the consumer needing to leave their eCommerce platform to check for external FX rates, and therefore increasing sales conversion rate.

Local Preference
Clear majority of online shoppers prefer to make purchases from local websites.

Lost Sales
Product search can occur on an international website, but purchases are made on locally priced websites.

Conversion Rates
Online shoppers leave the international website to calculate exchanges rates before deciding to purchase.

Web Traffic
Customers are less likely to revisit single-currency pricing websites.

Increased Revenues
Customers are more likely to spend more money on a MCP website.

Customer Experience
Most online shoppers are concerned about how much they are paying for FX when shopping in foreign currency.

Selection Criteria for Your MCP Solution Provider

Does your solution provider provide a guaranteed rate to eliminate FX risk?
Aladdin enables your merchants or counterparties to price in and settle in their local functional currencies.
Consumers see and lock in their home currency cost at the point of sale.


Is a guaranteed rate easily traceable and auditable?  Is the rate competitive?
M-DAQ’s proprietary FX algorithm provides access to quality pricing unparalleled in the industry.


How long does your solution provider guarantee a rate?
Aladdin guarantees the price for 24 hours to 72 hours to give customers ample time for making purchase decision. Any refund or chargeback within 90 days will be processed using the original transacted FX rate.


Does your MCP solution provide potential to include additional margin in FX rate, thus generating risk-free incremental revenue for you?
We can work together to configure a FX margin which creates for you, a new revenue stream that would otherwise be captured by payment parties.


Is your MCP solution fully automated and scalable? Can it support and process millions of transactions per day?
M-DAQ has been powering local currency pricing for AliExpress.com for the past 24 months and is able to support and process millions of transactions per day.