Go Global, Pay Local


Aladdin makes it easier and risk-free for merchants to offer local prices to their online global customers, without the consumer needing to leave their eCommerce platform to check for external exchange rates, and therefore impacting the sales conversion rate.

A one-stop 24/7 FX risk management solution

M-DAQ guarantees static or dynamic lock-in FX rates to price foreign goods in local currencies, protecting merchants against FX risk. Additionally, a spread can be configured to create a new revenue stream that would otherwise be captured by other payment parties.

Increase Sales Conversion

Set your prices in every relevant local currency to increase sales conversion rate, providing convenience for your customers to secure the exact value of the goods at the point of purchase.

Seamless FX Execution

Link your eCommerce platform directly into Aladdin, enabling tight control of pricing and margin levels. All trades, regardless of transaction size are confirmed electronically and settlement is seamless, thereby simplifying your processing and reconciliation.

Guaranteed FX Rates

Set guaranteed FX rates in advance for any period between minutes or days, removing any transactional FX risk. The FX rates and period applied can be customised according to your business needs.


Example 1:

Online Customer | Online Retailer





Example 2:

Online Retailer | Wholesaler





Example 3:

Online Retailer | Online Wholesaler





Example 4:

Online Wholesaler | Supplier





Total Loss:

USD 17.88